Hanging On

I feel it in the air. Fall is coming, my favorite time of year. However, this summer like all the rest has seemed to slip away from us. I get goosebumps thinking of pumpkin lattes, flannel shirts, outside fires, spiked cider and brown leather boots. But, I want to take a moment and remember why summer sweat is so great. First, plopping my butt in the river is one of my favorite things to do (with a margarita) and here are a few photos of why else I'm happy that summer is here for a while longer.

  • A peek at my ever growing sunnies collection.
  • I think I finally have the perfect pair of cut-off jean shorts and it only took my 6 years to make them perfect.
  • A shot from today's game of catch with one of my favorite 10 year old's. 

1 comment:

  1. love the photos. and boo to summer going away. ;) it always goes by too fast.