It Turns Out Great

Photos by Michelle Huesgen

In September, on the Autumnal Equinox, under a harvest moon, I get to marry the man of my dreams. I'm a pretty lucky lady. Recently, a fabulous photographer and new friend of ours took some photos of us. Her name is Michelle Huesgen and as happy as I am to have her as our photographer I'm even happier to have her as a friend. She is as warm and inviting as a fireplace in a snowstorm and she makes you feel incredibly comfortable. As stressful as this whole wedding planning process has been when I look at these photos I am reminded that, as cheesy as it sounds, it's the small and silly things in life that make life so worth it. The relationships we make with other people, the smell of the woods in summertime, twinkling piano music, the taste of iced tea, it's all pretty stinking great isn't it?


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are seriously adorable. And congrats!!!

  2. you guys are too cute. just found your blog.. lovin it

  3. Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for the love, right back atcha!