On Reading

When I was little my mom would take us to the library during the summer and I'd get to pick out a book. The next week I'd be finished and I'd get to pick another book. I never wanted to start a next book until I'd finished the last one. But, I always devoured books so fast it was never a problem. I've always loved to read and I'm certain I always will. Now I read a little differently though. I usually have about 10 books and 5 magazines going at once all strewn about the house to be picked up as I pass, when I have a moment. I like it that way now. When I was 10 I would have been so irritated with my 26 year old self. But now time seems to pass a little more quickly and I don't want to miss anything. So, instead of always losing myself in a story I try to be a little more present in my real world life and when I have the time, I escape a little. See you tomorrow.

A few I've got going right now:
Food Rules by Michael Pollan (for the 5th time)
A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (pee your pants hilarious)
The Rural Life by Verlyn Klinkenborg
The Years of the Forest by Helen Hoover (just finished this one and it makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods, bonus- her husband illustrates the book and he is great)
A Householders Guide to the Universe By Harriet Fasenfest (interesting)


  1. Great philosophy on reading...I'm afraid I'm still stuck in the 10-year-old's pattern! I'm wanting to read that Michael Pollen book at some point - several people have recommended it lately to me. Now you've blogged that you're reading it so it must be sign!

  2. Thanks Katie! Food Rules is so good. I like almost all of his books. This version I have is so neat because it has beautiful illustrations, the whole book is a work of art. I'll bring it on Saturday so you can borrow it. See you soon!