Totally Rad

In lieu of the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties, Bradley and I have decided to throw a joint party. We never have more fun then when we are together, with our friends and family, at our house. I could not be more excited because not only is it going to be a slam-bang-blowout of a party...it is going to be 80s themed. It has to be said that I used to HATE theme parties. In high school and college, I got roped into going to a ton of these things. These parties required you to dress up in some elaborate costume and most of the time they ended with me looking like a nerdy freak and all the other people wearing lingerie. It was not fun. After about 5 of these happenings I got it into my head that theme parties were for the dogs. THEN I went to an 80s party. "THIS," I thought, "I can get behind!" And here's why: I stopped being LAME and started being AWESOME. Plus, at an 80's party you can dress however you want because the 80s had SO many different bad style choices. EVERYONE looks bad, that's the point and that's awesome. I used to think dressing up for parties was lame because I was too-cool-for-school and acting like a stick in the mud. Not anymore. I got my crimper out and this shit is going down.

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