What I Wear: Fall Trends

Faux Leather and Chambray

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I took a little time off to get hitched! It was a perfect wedding and an impossibly fun party. I can't wait to share every single detail here but I'd like to wait until I have the pro photos. It is so much fun being married. Every time I look at my new husband I get so excited I could spit. Thank you all so much for your nice comments leading up to the wedding.

Over the last few years I've definitely developed a personal style I feel good about. During high school and college trends really dictated my wardrobe and my individual fashion sense changed often. I've always loved clothes and now I love picking and choosing the trends that work with my personality and body. It can be hard when your shopping on a budget though so for season to season trends I definitely find good curated choices at Apricot Lane, Francesca's, H&M and sometimes Forever 21.

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  1. Love chambray tops, just love 'em! And those shoes are killer too!