Bradley Cooks: Pesto & Farfalle Pasta

I realized after taking photos for this post that if Bradley wants to cook for me again he should do it during daylight hours so I can get some good shots. The light in our house was frustrating and the photos don't do it justice but trust me, this pasta was so good. It was his first time trying homemade pesto and he added it to farfalle (bowtie) pasta. It tasted so much more fresh than canned pesto! After it was made he threw in some spinach, grated parmesan, kalamata olives, and cherry tomatoes. The olives definitely made the pasta. The added saltiness was so good.

We are making more of an effort in our house to cook together at home instead of going out. It's been hard for me because going out to eat is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love the social part of going out to eat and because I'm a veggie girl, I eat a lot of ethnic food which is sometimes hard to cook at home. It has been so fun learning new recipes though. Trying to be more healthy and transitioning from a meat and potatoes lifestyle can definitely be daunting but it is so worth it. I plan to share a lot more vegetarian and vegan recipes here. Have a great Tuesday!

Some pesto recipes to get you going: Simple Pesto, Best Pesto.


  1. the pics still look good girl. and I love the 'bradley cooks' posts! fun!