Cold Weather Love Letter

I was up before the sun today and as I hurried to my car, bundled in my sweater and shivering in my boots I noticed something. I could see my breath. For the first time this year, as I exhaled the tiny gas particles froze into little white clouds escaping in front of me. Hello, cold. I've been waiting for you.

I love everything about this time of year. But, especially the weather. The cold is so nostalgic for me and brings me such good memories. I wrote my song, Love Delivered, around this time a few years ago and it is still my favorite song I've written. The holidays are quickly approaching and because of the icy goodness we all gather together a little closer. The photos above are two cold weather shots I took for my mom a couple of years ago. They are of my sister and me and they make my heart so happy. Throwing on extra layers, warming my hands with a big ceramic mug and spending time with my sis are among the sweetest things in life.

What I'm listening to at this, very moment.

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