Sad In A Happy Way

I've been into Hannah Stouffer's art for a few years. She's an American artist and illustrator from San Fransico and her work is fantastic. Her personal work is definitely my favorite. I feel her art is really accessible but still original. I've always been really fond of things that concurrently feel happy and sad; music, art, books, film. Jackson Browne does this really well and so does Paul Simon. In fact I think many artists of that generation really understood the power of being subtle and quietly persuasive. There's a push now for popular artists to be so matter of fact, so in-your-face. Some may feel that American audiences aren't smart enough to get a hint or to hunt for a message. There are still many musicians, writers and artists creating for an open mind though. There are people out there making things that are worth it and important. It's our responsibility to seek them out.

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