Thank You

Thanks for spending wedding week with me! I have so many reception and ceremony shots that I haven't shared but I think I'll keep those to myself for now. Let's just say there was a dance off, fireworks, homemade wine, a family band, a LOT of bells on, a lot of happy crying and some of the best speeches I've ever heard. The documentation might surface here someday. The memories I have from the wedding are so perfect. I'm so glad I had such a great photographer to capture the exact feelings I was having. She recently shared some shots of our wedding on her blog, too. I'm so used to being the one behind the camera. I was so glad I could just have an amazing time and trust her to do all the work.

We didn't just have a great photographer. The wedding was at my parent's home on our family century farm. It was the first wedding ever to be held on the farm in over 100 years. So, there were so many people that went into making the wedding work. My sister was such an amazing help. My Mom, Dad and bro were too. My Dad and brother DESIGNED and BUILT the bar and arbor. My sister, mom and aunts made ALL the desserts. My sister and new sisters helped me craft SO many details. We also had so many family friends that pitched in with no questions asked. I'm also sure that there were so many things done leading up to the wedding that I don't even know about. It was so humbling. We are so incredibly thankful for that. I know everyone says that your wedding day will go by in a flash, things will go wrong, it will be dramatic, you won't remember things. Nothing like that happened for us. It was perfect. The day was absolutely perfect and that is because of so many kind and wonderful people. I am such a lucky girl and I never want to take that for granted.

Thank you.


  1. xo. Everything looked so beautiful - I love all of the photos! Your photographer was so amazing - seriously, some of those shots are amazing. But she also had two great beauties to work with.

  2. :) Thanks lady! You are too nice.