Guacamole From The Aztecs

Last night two of my favorite people came over and brought their pooch. We played a game, talked and ate good food late into the night. These are what dreams are made of.

First of all, if you are going to make a great batch of guacamole you should be listening to Latin music. Mexican music specifically. Guacamole originated with the Aztecs in Mexico as early as the 16th century. Originally it was made with only mashed avocados and sea salt. But many recipes now call for much more than that. This recipe is so easy and so delicious. You will never want to make it a different way. Chips and dips go straight to my hips! But, I don't care. It's that good. Enjoy!

3 or 4 Large Avocados
Sea Salt
Garlic, minced
Cayenne Pepper

Halve and mash those avocados. Add about a hand full of cilantro finely chopped. Add about a teaspoon of sea salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne, to taste. Roll a lemon and a lime on the counter to get the juices flowing inside. Slice them both in half and squeeze one half of each over your hand and into the bowl. You should squeeze it over your hand so the juice runs through your fingers and most of the pulp gets caught. Discard pulp then smell your fingers. Lovely.  Mix all ingredients together in a pretty colored bowl and enjoy! Blue chips are optional. But, blue chips are awesome.

Look at my cute finger model. Don't you love it how men and women's hands look so different? I do. I think about these things a lot. It's fine.

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  1. oooo thanks for the recipe! I have been wanting to make my own guac dip! I will have to give it a go!