Inspiration Lately

This morning I got to thinking about inspiration. I'm inspired by a lot of things I experience but I am hands down MOST inspired by the relationships I have. The discussions I have with people or the productivity of friends are two of the most motivating things in my life. It's so easy to glaze over feelings about people you know and not use those feelings for motivation and thankful inspiration. I'm privileged to know so many talented musicians, artists, writers, thinkers, doers. These are just a few examples of what has inspired me in the past and what has lately.

  • Photo of me and Bradley by Kevin Kelly
  • Still from the short film "Congo Free State" by Christine Clarke
  • One of my favorites from Carrie Gillen 
  • Still from one of my fabulous sister's sold out plays at The Repertory Theater 
  • A table my uncle, Walter Schlemper, made us for our wedding 

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