January is here! I love this month. It helps that my birthday is next week. But I love this month anyway,  every time it rolls around. Our internet was down for the last week. It was just perfect because I wanted to take some time off line to enjoy the holidays and I knew I would never stick with it. So when our modem crashed and burned right before Christmas it turned out to be a good thing.

The holidays ended up being relaxing and stressful at the same time. So one of my resolutions is going to be SLOW DOWN and calm down. I love making resolutions. I don't care that they aren't always successful, I love setting goals. About 4 years ago I made the resolutions to stop eating meat and be more assertive and that changed my life. Both of those things forced me to change the way I look at the world and my relationships in it. It was a change that needed to happen and it opened up so much for me. I love how resolutions are so personal. They aren't goals for your family, your friends, your kids. They are personals goals, changes that only one person can make. I have many but here are some of my resolutions for the coming months. What are yours?

  • Starting today eat clean and vegan for two months, see how you feel. 
  • Slow down, calm down.
  • Get back into yoga. You loved it, you miss it, do it again. 
  • Run a 5k with the sis. 

Happy New Year!  Isn't that family just the cutest?

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  1. that family IS the cutest!
    good luck on your resolutions! I know you will do a good job.
    glad you had a good holiday!