Video Killed the Radio Star

When Bradley and I moved in together about 3 years ago we decided not to bring television with us. We didn't have a long conversation about it. We didn't dread the day it would happen and we haven't missed it. I get asked often why we don't have a TV. When people find out we don't have one the conversation usually goes like this, "What?! Why don't you have a TV? What?!" Or, sometimes it goes like this, "That's stupid. You're weird. Uuuggghh."

It's not that I don't enjoy some shows on TV, I do. For instance, Downton Abbey is awesome. So, whenever I want to burn an hour, I watch it online. The reasons we don't have TV are far better than the reasons we did. First, TVs are ugly. Further, we don't spend thousands of dollars on cable, flat screens, maintenance and surround sound. We don't spend hours of our day sitting and not talking. All the time I have left over that I may have been watching TV I write music, practice piano, paint, read, cook, exercise, hang out with people I love, play with my dogs, arm-wrestle with Brad. I would so much rather do these things then have hours of mindless entertainment.

If I had a TV I would watch it all the time. I would get depressed about all the terrible things that are always happening around the world. I would go to parties and only talk about spoilers. I get all the news I need from other sources like the radio, the internet and again, from people. TV robs us of our time, our relationships, our original thought. It's challenging and so much more rewarding to fill our time with other things. It works for us.

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