Colorful, Geometric DIY

We had a mini snow storm in St. Louis yesterday. This happens so rarely in St. Louis that the whole town shuts down. We took a walk in the snow and made some new friends. But, for the most part, we stayed inside and watched the snow fall. This morning we were stuck inside again and I started thinking about some DIY projects that I've been meaning to get to. Our kitchen has sort of a southwest feel and these painted wooden spoons would go perfectly with our Fiestaware. This printed leather clutch from, A Beautiful Mess, would be great for a casual night out. And these geometric, painted trays would make such a cute gift.


  1. Oooo...A beautiful mess is one of my favorite blogs. We had mostly sleet down here instead of snow so it's very icy. Love the colors on those wooden spoons - they definitely brighten up a gray day!