Get Over It. Tell Them You Love Them Already.

I'm an obnoxious romantic. If given the choice of the words love or like, I will always choose love. I hug and kiss my friends and family a lot more than they would probably like. I'm always trying to set my friends up with each other and romantic indie movies get me EVERY time. I'm okay with it. This is all leading up to me telling you that I love Valentine's Day. Now before you get all, "Stooooop. Hallmark Holiday! LOVE stinks!" hear me out. There's a lot more to love than smooching on your significant other. I'm sending a Valentine's Day card to my mom this year. It's the one time all year that all of you PDA hatin', anti-love, high-fiving, closet romantics can get away with sharing your true feelings with each other. All you have to do is get over the hump. The first few times you give someone a kiss on the cheek instead of a fist bump it's going to feel weird. But then, after that initial strange look your sister gives you or the punch-in-the-face you get from your homophobe uncle, they will start to come around. So will you. Try it for me. This Valentine's Day tell someone you love them. Tell anyone you love them. It will make you feel good and it will make their day. XOXO.