Tattoo You

When I turned 16 I decided I wanted a tattoo. When I decide I want something I don't usually change my mind. But I do like to wait a while to make big decisions just to be sure. Fast forward 9 years, I still wanted one. So when I sold my first song I headed to the tattoo parlor and had them stamp a dime sized heart on my wrist. The tattoo artist actually laughed at me. He was like, "That's it!?" Yep. A mini black heart on the inside of my wrist was a perfect symbol of "me." A year later I added a dime sized music note on my other wrist to match. I love tattoos that mean something. I hate tattoos that don't. To me a tattoo is an incredibly personal thing and I don't think anyone should have any sway on one's decision to get one. I don't know if I'll ever get more but I probably will. I love the idea of it being there forever. I love that when I'm old, gray and crazy and my grandchildren ask why I got it I'll have a great story to tell. That's pretty special. Do you have any tattoos? If you do, will you get more? If you don't, will you get any?

Want to see more of my favorite tattoos? The last photo is of me at my wedding.

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  1. I have a small bluebird tattoo on my back. I have been thinking about getting Wyatt's name on my wrist since he was born. But I am still unsure about how I want it placed. I too love how they last forever, and I know that my love for him will last forever - so it's a sweet remembrance for me.