What I Wear: When I'm Feeling Chill

What I Wear: When I'm Feeling Chill

I don't often wear just a t-shirt and jeans. I've spent years trying to find a pair of affordable jeans that fit my 6'1" frame. You know the drill. They are never long enough and when they are they are too big in the waist and then they're too expensive, blah blah blah. Where do you get your jeans? I'm loyal to my Forever 21 skinnies because they are $10.50 (yeah!) and I can roll them up and pretend like they are not too short (truth time). I also can get them in a ton of different washes so I can wear them with heels or pair them with this awesome Mid-West tee and sneaks. My go-to chill outfit for running errands. Want to know where I got something? Look here.


  1. I have those pumas, without the gold stripe, though. I can run pretty fast for a minute when I put them on.