Up My Sleeve: Nothing But A Breeze

So, last week I told you about “Later That Same Year” by Matthews Southern Comfort. One of my favorite tracks on that album,“The Brand New Tennessee Waltz”, was written by an amazing songwriter, Jesse Winchester. This week I’d like to share one of his albums with you. “Nothing But a Breeze” is a great listen in spite of its schizophrenic genre hopping. The title track, “Nothing But a Breeze” and last song, “Rhumba Man”, are sort of odes to being laid back. Think Jimmy Buffet, but with better lyrics. And Jesse’s lyrics are definitely what set him and this album apart. “My Songbird” is as devastating as a song gets, while “Pourquoi M’Aimes-tu Pas?” is a kind of Cajun romp. The latter is sung in French so I couldn’t tell you what its about, but it makes me happy. Yes, I could Google the translation, but no, I don’t really care to. As a listener you want to crawl into these songs and live in them and this is Jesse’s great talent. Every song has a tender familiar quality that allows every listener or musical interpreter to relate on some level. The importance of accessibility can’t be discounted. So… Jesse is a songwriter’s songwriter; check. However, musically, this album holds up to the rigors of my wine buzzed scrutiny. He sings with a pleasantly smooth southern drawl that’s not so much redneck as country gentleman. Secondly his rhythms and melodies don’t suck. And lastly, the artists Jesse gets to sit in with him are spectacular. Guitarist, James Burton and Singer, Emmy Lou Harris kill it on the title track, while Ricky Skaggs, Nicolette Larson, and Anne Murray lend their talents throughout. I apologize for name-dropping guest artists. This will become a common theme in my posts. Get your Google muscles loose ‘cause you may have to look up some of the guest stars in addition to the artists I’m recommending. Anyway, give this one a try. Its going to be easier to find then the album in my last post and it may be a bit more appealing to those of you who like a classic folk/pop song. Enjoy. 


Words and Photos By Bradley

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