Branches In Bloom

I'm sitting here at 8:00pm on a Friday night. We have plans and will probably spend a lot of happy time with our friends later tonight and this weekend. Just now, as I listen to NPR, they are reporting that the second suspect from the Monday Boston Bombing has been taken into custody. I can't say that I've felt much like blogging this week. I haven't felt much like doing anything but spending time with people I love. I have heard about a lot of horrible things this week from a lot of different people, personal and otherwise. I am so glad it's Friday and this small nightmare of a week is over. However, I know that as easily as some people will move forward from all that's happened this week there will be a lot more people that never fully move on and my heart is heavy for them. With as much sadness and pain as there is in our world there is a lot more goodness and grace. Let us surround ourselves with the people that show us that. With love energizing our hearts to keep beating, we carry on.

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