New Series: On My Plate

Welcome to On My Plate, a mini-series about food, health and homesteading. My
name is Becky and my very tall and awesome friend Rachel and I thought that
it might be fun for me to chat about my recent journey to a healthy lifestyle and
the fun ways my husband (the Hubs) and I are turning our home into a healthy

Here’s something very important you should know about me…I LOVE FOOD. I
love thinking about food, growing food, cooking food, and obviously, eating food.
Which, to be perfectly honest, has gotten me into some trouble throughout my
life. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lifelong “battle” with weight, but it is something
I’ve struggled with. At some point, it was literally too much to carry. So, for no
particularly motivating reason, in September of 2011 I started making healthier
choices about the food I ate and have since slowly and surely adopted an entirely
new, healthy lifestyle that has led to lots of loss in the weight department and lots of
gains in the “I feel and look great!” department. What started out as a means to lose
weight has evolved into a much bigger and better journey (that also now includes
exercise, who knew?!)

Additionally, the Hubs and I just bought our first home a year ago, and we’re very
interested in making our brick bungalow in St. Louis as self-sustaining as we can.
This includes a large garden, fruit trees, and soon - chickens! Since I’ve experienced
firsthand what it means to actually live a healthy lifestyle, the idea of making our
home healthy, too, is really exciting. Throughout my journey, I’ve had a lot of fun
sharing my success with other people and getting them excited, too. So, we’ve got a
lot on our proverbial plate that I plan to share with you. I’ll include recipes, photos
from how things are coming along in our healthy homestead, and info on healthy
things I’ve incorporated into my life. I hope you enjoy!

Here are a few things to chew on this week:
Food: Local farmer’s markets are in full swing with awesome and SUPER affordable
produce. Roger’s Produce in Webster Groves has huge mangos for $.99 and amazing
avocados for $.59. Put those two together with some kale and you’ve got yourself a
delicious and ridiculously healthy salad.
Health: It’s getting warmer, which means we all need to stay well hydrated. If you
have trouble drinking enough water, get yourself a 24oz Tervis tumbler and fill that
puppy up with water and a bit of lemon or lime juice. Heck, even add mint! Three of
those over the course of the entire day will get you even more than the eight glasses
you need.
Homestead: The last frost of the season is supposed to be this Saturday, April 13 –
which means later that afternoon or the next day is a great (and safe) time to sow
your garden seeds!


  1. If any of your readers are looking for a farmers' market in their neck of the woods they can search the USDA's (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture) easy to use database of farmers' markets: http://search.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/

  2. The Maplewood Farmer's Market had tons of potted herbs this week! You can save tons of cash by growing your own herbs at home. I'm getting some lemongrass next week. The grass-fed beef is amazing. The market is held every Wednesday from 4-7 at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, Missouri.

  3. love your blog :)


  4. I'll have to try the Maplewood Farmer's Market asap!