An Afternoon At Peaceful Bend

Every Spring when the weather starts warming up we start spending a lot more of our time in the country. Sometimes it's at my parents house, sometimes its at Brad's parents place, sometimes its camping and if we're lucky it's at Peaceful Bend Vineyard.

This past weekend I got together with my two sisters in law for a little wedding planning. We spent an afternoon at Peaceful Bend catching up with friends, tasting their delicious wine and walking around the gorgeous property. I have a big soft spot in my heart for open fields and rustic, old buildings and Peaceful Bend has plenty of each. If you make your way to the edge of the Missouri Ozarks this year about mid-way between St. Louis and Springfield you'll probably find us cozied up to a couple of good friends, halfway through a bottle of Courtois and hoping we never have to leave.


  1. How lovely! I wish I could take pics as pretty as these!

    1. Thanks Melanie! It's easy when you have scenery as pretty as this. :)

  2. Wow what a gorgeous place!! Beautiful photos and I love your hunters :)
    Visiting from the link-up!

  3. I'm so jealous you went to a winery. I still have wine left from my bachelorette party...going on four years ago! Thanks for stopping by, following you back!