Up My Sleeve: If I Could Only Remember My Name

I’m starting to realize that I have a real penchant for the hippy stuff. I guess some would call it classic rock. For some reason I don’t associate this stuff with that. It isn’t Bob Seegery enough to be classic rock for me. This stuff has a richer flavor. Anyway, today I bring you another album that, although popular in it's day, has disappeared from public consciousness.  “If I Could Only Remember My Name” was David Crosby’s obligatory solo release that came on the heels of CSNY’s “Déjà vu”. Crosby, who was known for his interesting vocal arrangements, stays true to form on this one. It is, however, funny to call this a solo album as the cast of characters is expansive. CSNY was present minus Stills. Pretty much all of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane showed up and of course it wouldn’t be an album without an appearance by Joni Mitchell. This damn thing has it all. For the true flower children there are songs like “Music is Love” and “Traction in The Rain”. “Cowboy Movie” rocks it up a little, but not in a Chuck Berry kinda way. It’s more like Neil Young’s “Down By The River”. Then there are the songs that make this album for me. These are “Laughing” and “Tamalpais High (At About 3)”. The former is simple and beautiful while the latter is a haunting, slinky thing with interesting vocals, but no words. I have included links below to both. Enjoy.


Song Links:
Tamalpais High (At About 3)

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