Wild Americans

Tomorrow we are be-boppin' off into the sunset for a Memorial Day weekend of playing music, building fires, dodging copperheads, bar-b-queuing, fishing, spring peeper listening, star gazing, late night walking, foul-mouthed joking and canned beer drinking. I hope you'll pull on your jorts and join me in spending your weekend on some quality American, no good fun.  I've got quite a few opinions about how America does business but regardless of politics I just can't get over loving her. What an incredible thing it is to love something so much that you would give up your life. There are an awful lot of people that have and good grief if I don't appreciate it. I love America and the reason I love America is because I love Americans. We won the country lottery.

So here's to all of the men and women who were watching over us then and probably still are. We appreciate you. We appreciate your families. We'll try not to screw up your awesome legacy and we'll continue to appreciate that you gave us the freedom to live the way we want. We are proud of you.

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