The Day Before The Big Day: Part I

Two of my favorite people got hitched this past weekend. One also happens to be my sister-in-law so it was extra special. They have been in love for a long, long time and it shows. We spent a couple days leading up to the big day with them and I have never seen a more easy-going couple about to get married. They say you can tell an awful lot about someone by how good their friends are. All week and weekend the two love birds were surrounded by a big group of awesome people helping them prepare for the wedding and when the day finally came it was absolutely perfect. While I got a few good shots during the actual event my favorite photos were the ones I took before the big day. Get ready for a big, fat, country wedding photo dump!

Wondering where those gorgeous river scenery shots are from? Check out Murphy's Place on the Meramec River. Great place and great people.


  1. What a gorgeous place to tie the knot!! Loving these photos. Congrats to the couple! Checking out your blog for the first time and loving it!

  2. what stunning pictures! the scenery is perfection!