What I Wear: Signature Scents

Do you have a signature scent? Do you know anyone that does? I think it might be a tradition of the past but I hope it comes back. My friends mother wore Mackie By Bob Mackie growing up. Now every time I smell that scent somewhere I think of her and childhood memories. I love it. The powerful nostalgia of a familiar scent floors me. It's like hearing a great song on the radio that years ago you grew tired of but suddenly now it makes you cry.

My Grandma always smelled like Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamonds. I'm sure she wore other perfumes but that's the one I remember most. She was always asking for it for Christmas and when I was little she would pull me close and I would almost cough because the scent was so overwhelming. I'd give anything for that now. She gave me a set of embroidered hankies and I have them stored away in a drawer. I pull them out sometimes when I miss her and hold them close to my face and almost cough. It's wonderful and perfect and it's her.

The fickleness of today's consumerism is good and bad at times but there is definitely something to be said for loyalty. How nice would it be if we all had our own signatures that we stuck with throughout our lifetime? Not everything needs to be stagnant, perhaps something as small and unique as a scent.

A few of my favorites:
1. Francesca's Signature Perfume
2. Alien By Thierry Mugler
3. Michael Kors
4. White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor
5. Mackie By Bob Mackie


  1. I love perfume and the way it can take you back. Great post!


  2. I love how perfume can be so nostalgic! My mother rarely wore any but I still have certain memories attached to familiar scents. I think if I ever found a scent I loved more than any other one id stick with it I've just yet to find it!