Almost Famous

I have a lot of favorite bands. I have a lot of favorite songs. I have a lot of favorite sounds, keys, lyrics, instruments, musicians. If you asked me to pick a favorite in any category of music I'd give you 27 different answers and exactly why each of them is equally important. This is why Bradley writes about music on this blog and I usually don't. He's decisive about music. I am absolutely, completely and unapologetically not. If you ask me about music in a public place I will be SO happy to talk to you about it. But, be prepared to hear about why in that one song the key change is just as paramount as the lyric you love because its cut time flows so well with the meaning of the metaphor that he sang when he crescendoed into that dynamic solo just before the unpredictable bridge and did you know that the guy singing harmonies actually played bass with the girl playing drums in a different band and they lived together in Laurel Canyon in the 70s and recorded this whole track in one take when there was no such thing as auto-tune and they brought people in from off the street to do the hand claps that actually are off beat in the 34th measure but THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT SO GREAT!

You will end up walking away, hating me, loving me or all of the above. Usually I end up even liking the music I initially hate because I talk myself into it. Or out of it. And back into it. I hate to be pigeonholed when it comes to music. In fact it generally irks me when people have favorites at all.

But, I have ONE favorite movie. It's Almost Famous. Notice I didn't say favorite Documentary because that's a whole other category... oh wait... I'm doing it again.

I have ONE favorite movie. It's Almost Famous.

Do you have a favorite of something that never changes? Tell me.

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  1. ME TOO. Hands down favorite movie EVER. I wrote a paper in high school about how I wanted to be Penny Lane. As for favorite music I'm pretty set as well since as long as I remember Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band and I tend to stick with older music or jam bands (: