Alton, Illinois

On Sunday, Bradley and I spent the afternoon in Alton, IL working on a project with our friends at hazel2blue. Later this week I'll share a fun announcement about that and some more info about hazel2blue, one of my favorite new boutiques (you can see me wearing some of their fabulous clothes below!). But, until then here are some photos I took while we were there. I had never been to Alton before and it is such a historic and pretty place to spend the day. After kicking around in town for a while we took the road along the river to Grafton, IL only about 10 minutes away. Watching the sail boats and waving to all the bikers was so much fun. After hitting the winery in Grafton we headed back to Alton for dinner at Bossa Nova and then we watched the sunset over the gorgeous river. Perfect.


  1. Where in the world is Alton... meaning, more specifically, where in the state? I'm originally from the north Chicago burbs and sadly, my Illinois geography is horrible!

    : signe
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    1. Hi Signe! Alton is in southern Illinois about 30 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO.