I'm Back!

As I write this my fabulous husband is in the next room finishing up some repairs on my keyboard for a show this Friday night. He's pretty much the best; handsome, funny AND he can fix broken instruments?! Keeper. This Friday, I'm opening for Lizzie Weber at The Old Rock House in St. Louis. It's her record release show so I know it's gonna be a fun night. If you're in the St. Louis area, come out and catch our set. You can find more info here.

We are back after a beautiful week in the smokey mountains. I love the way everything looks when you get back home from being out of town for a while. For me, everything looks fresh and renewed. The sun is a little brighter, life is a little brighter. All of our mimosa trees in the back yard are blooming now and all of the day-lilies in the front yard are going for it. I love to travel and I love coming home.

Being home brings a lot of catching up to do. If you're still here... thanks for hanging around while we had our little getaway. I can't wait to share some shots with you from the trip. I've got a lot planned for this week.

Oh, yeah, and Frank got a bath.