On My Plate: The Re-Shoot

Let’s kick this week off with a question. What do you do when you and your bridesmaids have lost, combined, over 230 pounds since your wedding day? The answer is obvious to me. Put those dresses back on and do a wedding photo re-shoot!

Here are some of my favorites that we took a couple of weeks ago (as well as the before photos). I’m the one in the wedding dress! (Oh, and we all wore our running shoes since these days we’re living healthier more active lifestyles.)

And yes, that is TWO of us in my dress. Holy moly.

This is one of my bridesmaids, Amanda, and me. Combined we’ve lost over 200 lbs. That’s a whole human being!

Aren’t we just the cutest?

And here’s a really fun before and after photo of me. In the before picture, I’m in my wedding dress the day of my wedding. I want to say up front, right now, that I knew I was overweight/heavy/etc, but on my wedding day I felt BEAUTIFUL and amazing. In my after photo I’m wearing my maid-of-honor’s (Angela) dress. Pretty neat, huh?

How cool was that?! I love that my friends and I are getting healthy and doing it the right way. We’re not using diet pills (or crash diets, for that matter). We are making good choices often, bad choices within reason, and getting our butts up and moving. I’m sharing this because I think when we try to lose weight or make changes we spend too much time focusing on past mistakes, which lead to excuses and more defeat. Instead of looking at my wedding photos and thinking, “ugh, I was SO fat,”, I think, “Hey, I looked so beautiful.” And now I look at these re-shoot photos and I think, “Wow, look how far we’ve come, and how beautiful we still are. We rock.”

Food: This month I joined (kind of) a CSA. What’s that, you ask? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea is that local folks support each other by purchasing (what is typically) local produce from local people. You may be more familiar with the companies who deliver fresh food to your door (and usually at a higher price). The one that I joined is flexible because you can sign up and get updates, but you don’t have to buy-in unless you want to. So with this particular CSA you do not have to pay a monthly membership fee, etc. Also this is a “come and get it” operation, so no home deliveries. I have mixed emotions about the one I decided to use for the first time, which is why I’m not mentioning the name. The concept is obviously great and I definitely support it – plus, the price was right for all of the produce I got and I certainly didn’t mind going a whopping 2 miles to pick it up. BUT, I was confused by the fact that some of the included produce was overabundant, while others were scarce. For example, if you’re going to give me bananas, which I can pretty much guarantee are not local, why only give me three? And if you’re going to give me non-local garlic, I don’t need three big bags of it. The apples were going bad already (thank goodness for our dehydrator), the corn looked rough (whatever, we’ll freeze it), and everything, including the potatoes, had been previously refrigerated. I’m sure part of that was to try and keep everything as fresh as possible, but potatoes? Not that it was a total wash by ANY means; I just wish more had been local and that what was given had been balanced out a little better. Plus, since I lean more towards being a meal-planner, I think I might do better to just go to Farmer’s Markets and local folks myself to get what I really want. So, I’m glad I tried it, but I’m also glad I’m not financially dedicated to this particular CSA. 

Health: This week I’ve been dog/house sitting for a colleague. Luckily, they live very close to where we work, and so instead of driving like I typically do, I’ve taken the opportunity to run there and back when I check on the pups at lunch. It’s just a little under four miles round-trip, and I have to say, this whole “exercising at lunch” thing is a lot better than it sounds. It’s a nice break out of the office in the fresh air and sunshine and hey, a little cardio before lunch never hurt someone, right? Also, this frees up my evening. But, this also means that I wear my running clothes to work and feel a little sweaty for the rest of the day, - but it’s summer and I’m pretty neat, so my co-workers turn the other cheek to how gross I am when I get back. That’s love right there. Do you work out at lunch?

Homestead: So we’ve just recently started harvesting our strawberries and boy howdy, they are gorgeous. They taste just as delicious as they look, too. You’d think after all of our strawberry excitement a few weeks back we would be sick of them. Never!
Chicken update: So, this may be a really dumb thing to admit, but I can’t imagine that we’re the first (or last) that this has happened to. We thought both of our chicks were hens (females), and honestly it’s so hard to sex baby chicks that really (unless you get them from a hatchery), you’re taking a gamble no matter what. On the morning of the 4th of July we woke up to the sound of Patsy CROWING. Yeah. Patsy…er, Pat…is a rooster and he let his freedom ring. Obviously this is a setback. We can’t have a rooster in our town and we don’t want one since we’re not looking to breed more chickens. The problem is further complicated by the fact that giving up Pat would leave Edina alone. Chickens are meant to be in flocks or at least pairs. So, it is with a heavy heart that we are taking our beloved birds to a rescue ranch to be donated together tomorrow. Who knows if they will be adopted together, but at least they won’t be alone at the ranch. Our plan is to just simply buy 4 hens asap – from where, we are not sure! But, we’re going head with our coop and prepping as planned. Farewell, Pat(sy) and Edi – we loved having you!

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