Booties or Bust

Splurge or Steal

I had a gorgeous pair of faux leather black booties that I recently had to throw away. They were just cheapies from Payless but they were perfect. I wore them with everything, in every season. So naturally I ripped a hole in the toe and the heel gave out. For a while I wore them even with the crappy heel just because I couldn't give them up. I probably looked like a freak walking around awkwardly trying not to let anyone see that the heel would completely smash if I put any weight on it at all. Finally, after one of the buckles came off into my hands one night I reluctantly trashed them. Since then I've been on the prowl for another pair that can go the distance. I'll never forget you booties!

These two caught my eye. A splurge vs. steal, if you will. Both are available now.

1. Target $35.00
2. Piperlime $285


  1. Wow! I immediately went for the Target bootie! I always go for the splurge, but I fell for the steal! Woo hoo! Please tell me you bought them...

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    : the daily savant :
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  2. How cool - those are almost identical! Looks like I may be making a trip to Tar-jay soon. . .