St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards

Exciting news! I was nominated for "Best Lifestyle Blog" and "Best Use of Photography" for the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards. My schedule has been CRAY lately and to get back into town and have this nice little surprise in my inbox was such a thrill. I met some great friends at the Spring STLFW and I'm excited to attend this month. St. Louis definitely has something to say about fashion and bloggers are leading the way. There are so many great bloggers among the nominees this year, follow the link below to vote for your favorites. Super cool.

See you at St. Louis Fashion Week!

Link here: http://www.saintlouisfashionweek.com/bloggers/st-louis-fashion-blogger-awards/

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  1. That is SO exciting, congratulations on your nomination!! It looks like you're in the company of some great bloggers, you totally deserve it! And I've never been to a fashion week anywhere- i'll be living vicariously through your pictures ;)

    xo marlen
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