Things I Can't Pull Off

1. Undercuts and Pixies: I'm really vain about my hair. It's a vice. If I ever lost it I would be devastated. But I do often think about doing something drastic when I see gorgeous photos like this. But I know better. If I cut my long hair into a pixie, my long face would look like a big watermelon. It wouldn't be good. If I got an undercut I would love it and think I was a bad ass. Everyone else would try not to tell me I looked like an idiot but I would see it in their eyes. Two haircuts I could never pull off.

2. Tiny Little Cutoffs: My legs are really long and my butt is not small. Maybe someday I will feel comfortable in a pair of these cute tiny butt hugging cutoffs but that day is not today.

3. CharlieJames1975 Workouts: Okay this girl is ridiculous. She is ultra motivating. Mostly because she makes you look like an idiot. Ready to feel like a total slug? Watch her videos. I usually make it through about half and then curl up in a ball and die.


  1. you're funny!! and that undercut would be totally badass :)

  2. Ha! This post is awesome.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who longs for pixie cuts. I, too, know I could never pull it off and would probably cry forever but I just find them so darn cute!

  3. Te he! This made me giggle! I had some major life upheavals a few years ago, and attempted to take control by Emma Watson-ing my hair. Since I'm so tiny (and look a bit like a teenaged boy), it was not a wise choice and I refer to that phase of my life as: The Unfortunate Pixie Cut of 2011. It has taken almost 3 years for my hair to grow below shoulder length and while sometimes, I look back and wish I still looked like a teenaged boy/Tinkerbell/a French girl circa 1965, I'm glad to have my layers back !

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