I'll Light The Fire, You Place The Flowers

Well, we did it. We fooled around and bought a house today. It's official, we own a small piece of land, the house on top of it and everything inside. It's pretty staggering to think of years from now celebrating holidays in that house, making traditions, growing older. I've been humming this song a lot.

I've always been fairly obsessed with eclectic interior design. With our house (still SO weird to say that) I'm thinking of going in a completely different direction then anything I've done before. This morning I called it mid-century bohemian modernism. Bradley says that's not a thing. We'll see.

We are so very excited. Pictures soon.

(photos and links above: here)


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    1. It's in Kirkwood. The old ball and chain is moving me out to his hometown. We're excited though and my love affair with STL is not going anywhere. :)

  2. Congratulations! I like the styling in these pictures. I'm guessing your home will be fabulous! It's so exciting to start on a new adventure.

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