Paint Party

There has been a ton of painting going on around here lately. We've been going straight from work to work on the house. Phew! I am so thankful for all the help though. You know who you are! We wouldn't be nearly as far without you.

It's funny. The more we work on the house, the more work we want to do. Our list keeps getting longer. Bradley and I have been joking that we will never be free again-we will always have work we want to do on the house. It's the best kind of "busy."


  1. ah, how fun! i can't wait to own a home one day and be able to have a painting party.. my apartment manager would be so angry at us if we did this! haha.

    lindsey louise


  2. So exciting!! Rachel, I love the look and name of your blog- very unique! I followed, if you're interested you can check me out as well. Can't wait to read more from you :)


  3. i so would have been there! i am so excited for you both!