a few favorite things

When a snow storm gets predicted for St. Louis everyone in town is enveloped in a wild, terrified panic. 24 hour businesses close and schools get cancelled before a single, beautiful snowflake falls. It's all very dramatic and exciting.

I'm obsessed with the winter, snow, cold, all of it. I would be happy if winter lasted three seasons and for a few months out of the year we got Autumn. So if you don't have snow this week or you are unlucky enough to live on a gorgeous beach that doesn't ever get snow or something just know that in St. Louis: SUVs are barreling down side streets in search of eggs plowing over everything in their path, Art Hill is full of big whiskey fueled sledding kidults, every single weather man in the Midwest is drunk with power, Bradley is outside using his new backpack leaf blower to pile snow into unsuspecting neighbors driveways and I'm happier than a bird with a french fry.

Some of my favorite links for you to check out on the couch today:


  1. Love the bob ross sign. And the word 'kidults' too. Just found out that my step-daughter was one of those at art hill this morning...can't wait to drop that term on her. We stayed cozy inside and am now enjoying a hot buttered rum!

    1. Thanks Katie! Glad you guys are staying warm. :)