hello 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 has been quite a year. I turned 27, got a new job, started The Daily Wild, opened an Etsy shop, played some awesome shows with some great musicians, bought a house and moved to the burbs among other things. I feel very fortunate. Those things don't compare to all the wonderful relationships I've formed over the past year. The people in my life will always be the most important thing and I feel very lucky to have them. Especially this time of year. Cheers to you!

Do you make resolutions? I'm big into goals. For Christmas, I was gifted a fancy new camera lens from my sweet man and a lovely little studio set up from my parents. I have a few goals that I've been kicking around for this year. One being to strengthen my photography muscles and take more photos of the people I love and another being to finally record an album. If you're new to my little internet world you might not know that I'm a songwriter and went to school for music. I've recorded songs over the years and I've also recorded with full bands. But, I've never recorded my songs with a full band. I've been talking about it for years and this is the year that it is happening. I'm so excited to get the ball rolling. I've also got a lot of ideas always rolling around for this space. As always, thank you for stopping by and sharing some time with me. Happy New Year.

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