twelve new habits:1

is a new series. Inspired by new years resolutions and goals I've decided to carry the tradition on throughout the year by creating one new habit every month. Planning short term goals and meeting them is incredibly motivating for me. I'm a big fan of change and self improvement. I'd love for you to come along for the little experiment. I have some ideas of what habits I would like to tackle but I definitely don't have every month planned out. So, these will be as new to me every month as they are to you. I'm open to suggestions! What are some things you'd love to start doing?

For the first month I'm starting easy. Well, it may sound easy. It's really hard for me but its easier than some of the other things I have planned. Without further ado: No caffeine after 3pm. GASP. Listen people, I have a serious relationship with coffee. I'm a bear in the morning without it and I'm aware of how pathetic this is. Also, if I drink it in the afternoon/evening (which I do every day) I have ridiculous dreams and bad sleep habits. I'm also a closet fan of red bull. Yeah, I know. I'm hoping that cutting caffeine out late in the day will be good for my health. We'll see.

Okay, so are you going to join me?

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