a valentine's day gift guide for the stylish man

Men's Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

If your main squeeze is anything like mine he could give two craps about getting gifts. If he is going to get something though, he'd always prefer something he can actually use. Here's a few examples of what I might be getting my ol' ball and chain this year, a valentine's day gift guide for the stylish man.

1. A Pair of Rayban Wafarers
2. A Funny J.Crew Flask
3. A Machete
4. A Wustoff Chef's Knife
5. A Fancy Shoe Polish Kit
6. Well, this is a gift for me too. But I think he'll like it. If you didn't want to go the classic lingerie route though a bodouir photo session would be an awesome gift. I know a great photographer if you're looking.  

Once Bradley got a machete. I think it might be the best gift he's ever received. You can't lose with something sharp and a fancy bra. Finally, if you wait until the last minute, Kentucky Bourbon never fails. Have a gorgeous week.

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