hair today, gone tomorrow

The other night I went into our bathroom with a small trash can and some kitchen shears and chopped about 2.5 inches off my bangs and about an inch off the bottom of my ratty locks. I ran the scissors through my hair in a failed attempt at some layers but I quickly realized I was just cutting slices of good hair and not creating any noticeable difference. I am not a stylist. However, about once a year I convince myself I don't need to spend the money on a haircut and I can just do it myself. For the most part it's worked out fine.

I am not this bold when it comes to dye. For the last ten years my sister has loyally slapped chemical goo on my scalp whenever I feel the need for a change. I never really go that far, usually a few shades darker than my natural color. I went through a series of embarrassing and traumatizing hair disasters in high school (see: fire engine red shoulder bob and blonde cap highlighted mullet chop) and since then I've had no ambition of making any changes other than the occasional deep, dark brown dye job. Lately though, I've had a few people compliment me on the fact that my hair has pretty much faded to my natural color. I haven't dyed it in around 8 months. Maybe I'll go au naturale for a while, let the waves air dry, squeeze a little lemon juice in for some shine and call it a day. I'm starting to embrace my natural mousy, auburn fringe. *Thanks mom!

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