7 ways to nurture your skin

Bradley grabbed my hand one night a couple weeks ago and he said I felt broken. Ha! If you're like me, winter cold and blasting heaters wreak havoc on your skin. My whole body gets dry especially my hands. But when I want to buckle down and do something about it (like when my husband tells me I feel like a lizard) this is what I do:

1.  Stop using hand sanitizer. I wash my hands 100 times per day. It's crazy. But, I do it a lot and that's not going to change. I also often use hand sanitizer. This is a no no in the winter. My hands are already taking a beating and adding alcohol makes it worse. It kills the germs but also sucks the moisture right out of my skin.

2. Use cool water when washing. Hot water feels amazing in the winter but it drys out skin like crazy.

3. Shower less. Unless you are a hard core gym rat there is no reason to take a shower every day in the cold months. It saves water, time and skin if done less. Also, washing hair too much dries out the scalp. Invest in some good dry shampoo. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week (GASP). I know, it may sound crazy but since I stopped washing my hair every day it looks and feels so much better.

4. Use good body wash and face wash, not soap. If you're going to use a typical bar soap make sure its extra moisturizing. Don't go for just a regular drug store bar soap. They are so much more drying than a moisturizing body wash. Also, if you're worried about a dry face (like I always am) never wash your face with regular soap. Get a good non-soap face wash and it will change your world. I like Clean & Clear Cleanser or Cetaphil.

5. Daily Moisturizer, everywhere. Whether you're a guy or a girl we could all benefit from a little more moisturizer. I get my lotion game on head to toe. My favorite is Aveeno.

6. Exfoliate. It may seem counter intuitive but sloughing off the dead skin cells helps skin look brighter. It removes patchiness and the bacteria that is clogging pores. Just don't over do it.

7. Good food and water. This one's pretty obvious. Drink lots of water. But, there are also certain foods that can make your skin feel more supple when the winter wind bears down. Good fats like avocado, nuts and olives, vitamin E packed spinach, orange veggies like squash and sweet potatoes for beta-carotene and plenty of antioxidant rich fruit.

What do you do for dry skin? I'd love to know. 

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  1. Great tips! I've grown to love washing my hands in gold water... it really wakes me up! If that makes sense haha But you are super right about soap. ALWAYS use soap free products!!!!

  2. Hi, Rachel!
    New to the scene here. Found you through the STLFW bloggers link.
    Water really helps me, as well as staying on top of taking my vitamins!
    Lubriderm body lotion is a life-saver, too!

    - Jill

    1. Hi Jillian! Thanks so much for stopping by. Can't wait to check out your blog and hopefully we can't meet at Stl Fashion Week this Spring!