rocky mountain high

When I was younger, my family spent a lot of time in Colorado. We spent a lot of time in the car driving to Colorado. My Dad, his brother, his cousins and his Dad spent a lot of time hunting elk in Colorado in a small town called Gunnison. We have countless family photos of them all in orange and long underwear, curly hair sticking out at the ears, empty beer cans thrown in the back of an old rusted metal Jeep.

On all of those trips my family weathered, we rattled through Missouri and made the slow buzz through Kansas until we hit Kit Carson County, CO, sometime in the late evening. Our eyes burning from the sticky contacts that suctioned to our eyes like Garfield dolls slapped on a car window. Me or one of my siblings was always fast asleep, their walk-man buried in their lap under a jacket so as not to be disturbed by an unfriendly battery thief desperate for another shot at Tetris. The awake party would shake their head phones off and practically spit "look at the MOUNTAINS" right through one ear and out the other. It was magic.

My last trip there may have been years ago but I still think about it often. Now that I have loved ones living there I can't wait to get back.

More places I'm going, have gone or wish to go, here.
Illustration by one of my favorite artists, Hannah Stouffer. I want ALL of her work.

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