what I wear: red hot

Valentine's Day is so close. I love the idea of skipping the tired champagne-reservation-roses-chocolate-to-do and just inviting a few close friends over and making dinner together. Valentine's Day can be so much stress and pressure for everyone. I'm a big fan of taking things that are supposed to be one thing and messing them all up and making them my own thing. Brad calls it, "Living Life According To Rachel." Valentine's Day is a great example because I celebrate like its a national love day for everyone. And we all know that I love love.

Even though I'm a fan of messing with tradition that doesn't mean I'm not going to wear a dress on Valentine's Day and there's a good chance it will be red. It might be the one time of year that you'll see me in something other then black. I love dressing up almost as much as I love love.

Some of my picks from Free People:
1. Beatnik Tunic
2. San Marcos Maxi
3. Annabella Dress
4. Trapeze Slip

Also, have you seen this card. It's so great.
This one is pretty good too.


  1. Great post. Red is my favorite color so I think your picks are wonderful. Glad I found your blog and will follow you. I would love if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think.


    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much. I will definitely check out A Fashion Crowd. Have a great week!