five under twenty: leopard boutique

Leopard Boutique, located in downtown Webster Groves and owned by the adorable, Rachel Sauter, is one of the most inviting and stylish boutiques I've been to recently. Open Monday through Sunday and receiving new shipments each week, they are on the cutting edge of local boutique fashion. While perusing their racks I was pleasantly surprised to see that while they have great designers they also have a sprinkling of items at really reasonable prices, like the gorgeous arrow bracelet above.

I love when I find a small, locally owned shop that really caters to a boutique shopping experience. It doesn't hurt that the owner is as sweet as honey and really stylish herself. Here are five of my picks, all under $20. For more information on how to find Leopard, visit their website here.

Check back soon for some outfit shots to see how I wore some of their pieces. See you soon!


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    1. Aren't they the cutest!? I bought the arrow one and I'm headed back for the wishbone. :)

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    1. Thanks, Michele! Looking forward to checking out The Fashion Fraction.

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