what I wear: strictly sexy stilettos

What I Wear: Strictly Sexy Stilettos

Forever 21 is kind of killing it right now in the shoe department. All six of these styles are under $40. Any of them would look great on a casual Saturday paired with slouchy, boyfriend jeans and a black biker jacket. Then again, out that same night dressed up with a white bodycon dress. I want them all but the bottom middle ones are probably my favorite. So simple and modern, love it.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Strappy Posh Sandals: $33
2.  Night Moves Stilettos: $33
3. Metal Heel Sandals: $37
4. D'Orsay Pumps: $33
5. Posh Hooded Sandals: $33
6. Lux Stilettos: $37

By the way, happy March! February flew by didn't it?


  1. Ooooh I'm loving top middle and bottom far right. Gimme gimme.

    1. They are all SO good. I can't wait to nab a pair.

  2. ooooooh...love #6! have you tried any of them on? are they comfortable??

    1. I've only ever ordered shoes from them offline. It's been hit and miss with the fit. I haven't tried these on yet but I do have a pair of midi pumps from them from three seasons ago and I still wear those.

    2. These are so cute I'll probably jut ordered a pair and risk it. :)