alright, alright, alright: a 70s themed event at the rep theatre

I get to do a lot of fun things. A few weeks ago I attended Soups, Stews & Casseroles For The Hungry Soul, a Repertory Theatre collaboration with Operation Food Search and St. Louis Magazine. It was a 1970s themed costume party so I got to wear basically what I wear everyday and just call it a costume. It was perfect. Bradley also dressed up and wore basically what he wears everyday except instead of wearing straight leg painted-on-pants he wore bell bottom painted-on-pants. Again, perfect. We are big fans of all things 70s. My sister, Sarah, makes her debut on the blog in a lot of these photos because she looked like a stone cold 70s fox that night. Delicious comfort food was had by all from great local eateries like Katie's, Jilly's Cupcakes and Dr. Dan The Pancake Artist. Yes, my friends, that is a Harry Potter pancake. It's almost too much. Can't wait for the next season at The Rep

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  1. Sounds like a really fun event! The 70s are one of my favorite vintage decades and you guys look so authentic! I think the guy in the first pic needs a 'stache :).