lately: around the house

Things have been looking pretty Spring-like around our home lately. Everything has gotten a little cheerier, a littler brighter. During an evening last week Bradley stated, "I think I'll paint the dining room blue," out of nowhere. So now we have a blue dining room. We've never lived in this house in the Spring before so it has been exciting to see what is popping up in the yard. After the long winter we had here in St. Louis it has been so nice to be able to throw open the windows in the morning and sleep with the breeze blowing in during the night. Cheers!

From the top:
1. The Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid. I don't know how Bradley keeps these things alive.
2. Little, green friends from the yard, brought inside to keep us company.
3. A gift from my man. My new favorite chair that I tweeted about wanting so long ago. He found it.
4. Flowers from good friends and my sister's new book. Yes, she wrote a book! Did I mention she's amazing?
5. New shoes just in time for Saint Louis Fashion Week! So excited. Will I see you there?


  1. Orchids are surprisingly resilient and hard to kill... They don't have the longest of natural life cycles though... (I used to work at a flower shop when I was in high school)

    What's the name of the book that your sister write?

    1. Hi K, thanks for the comment. Working at a flower shop would be so fun! What a cool job. The book is titled, Saving Grace. But, it's a working title so it may change before it's published. I will definitely keep you updated. Thanks for asking! Can't wait to check out your blog.

    2. Advanced copy I take it? That's pretty ace.

      I'll definitely check into it when/if you mention the publication title.

    3. PS I have no idea why that originally comment said "write" instead of "wrote" - not a true sign of my intelligence I assure... just too quick of fingers on the keyboard - haha.