From My Wanderings: Jasmine


Ode to the sweet air I love
Romantic rose petal-ed breeze
I long for your waves to cover me
Wrapping sheets over, under, in

Oh cool, unexpected gem, you draw
My heart out of its cage
I wish to leave the ground with you
And travel upon your wing

Colours in your wake-I must cry
My soul is swollen. It yearns
If only I could lift my arms and fly
To dance with you, my wind

A barefoot note and a breathless song
A dizzied twirl under stars
The kiss of a lover fresh on my lips
You’re a cool jasmine river on skin

A piece of your breath in my spirit I keep
To taste with my heart as you leave
And I in your absence yet spring from the earth
Splashing in wonder again

From My Wanderings is a Daily Wild Series by Laura Gardner. Learn more about Laura on the collaborators page.

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