From My Wanderings: Summer Tribe

Summer Tribe

My sweet, sticky summer
Your heavy breath presses in
Thick, perfumed, hot, and green
Evening life just now begins

You stretch the life in days much longer
Senses heighten at your passing by
You don’t plead for company
Yet creatures join you at your side

Traipsing here and there
Drops of syrup sunshine in your trail
We step out of stride to join you
‘Neath your gauzy, starlit veil

Deeply drinking from your summer cup
Intoxicated, mesmerized
We join the summer wild and dance
The naked moon begins to rise

Candlelight of dreamy fireflies
Velvet floor of forest moss
We join hands with the mystic woods
A midnight moonlit waltz

Strangers from the wilderness emerge
And fling hands up to graze the sky
As their bare feet twirl ‘round with ours
To join our summer tribe

Our voices rise above the fire
The treetops harmonize
Stars reach down to kiss our lips
The earth has come alive

Breathless souls and bodies still persist
Beating hearts and feet and drum
Wringing sweetness from the night
Drenched in summer song

As dawn’s first breath embraces us
We offer one last bow
And welcome summer’s morning
We conclude our dance for now

Sweet summer speaks to her children
With their muddied feet and limbs revived
Voices hoarse from shouts and laughter
Faces brightly flushed with life,

"Journey back from whence you creatures came,
I bid you each adieu.
Tonight come dusk you will find me here
‘Neath the moon I will wait for you."

And one by one we depart in hush
Though our summer song remains
We softly nod our heads in time
‘Til we meet to dance again.

From My Wanderings is a Daily Wild Series by Laura Gardner. Learn more about Laura on the collaborators page. Photo by Brooklyn Morgan. 

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