From My Wanderings: Moments of Autumn

From My Wanderings is a Daily Wild Series by Laura Gardner. Learn more about Laura on the collaborators page.

Moments of Autumn

Frost. Brisk. Smoke. Hair. Wool. Flannel. Mug. Steaming. Fire. Iron. Graham. Chocolate. Mallow. Toasted. Earth. Fire. Cracks. Sizzle. Hiss. Embers. Radiate. Trance. Smoke. Rising. Disappears. Sky. Moonlit. Starsplash. Immense. Expanse. Drown. Talk. Silence. Silent. Sound. Night. Chill. Bundle. Blanket. Arms. Around. Strong. Warm. Whiskers. Whiskey. Wool. Sound. Howl. Hoot. Fire Crack. Warm. Snuggle. Love. Happy. Love. Content. Sleep. Deep. Morning. Icy. Water. Toes. Fog. Still. Golden. Mist. Fisherman. Current. Rocks. Crunch. Log. Whispers. Solitude. Create. Breathe. Still. Coffee. Hot. Steaming. Faces. Rosy. Peace.