From My Wanderings: Wild One

From My Wanderings is a Daily Wild Series by Laura Gardner. Learn more about Laura on the collaborators page.

Wild One

A whisper is heard
As salt licks her tongue
Mystery sea beckons,
“Come to me, Wild One.

Sing together the score
Of my foam melody
The sweet notes of my mist
The dark, deep, timpani

Rage, passion, and heartache
To be me, the sea, is to feel
I slash my heart upon the rocky shores
My soul will not be concealed

Yet accept invitation into my quiet depths
Once my anger quells
And see you will the strength of my peace
And the tender calm my waters tell

Oh Wild One, for you an adventure
I have waiting in my arms
They’re thrown out wide across the earth
For you to make in me your home

To be true, snap your bones in pieces
I could By a thrash between my hands
Drag you down to sing no more
Smothered by my grey-green sands

Oh but the wonders I could unveil
Whilst we’d dance together beneath the air
Forever we’d twirl and tumble and dive
Let me sweep you away in my waves if you dare

Until then, my dear, I will be here
Dancing and roaring ‘cross the ocean floor
I’ll beckon to you from time to time
To sing with me once more

A taste of bitey salt
The roar of waves you think you hear
The distant cry of a seagull
A sea conch pressed against your ear

These will be my letters to you
So you may know them when they come
It is me, the sea, your dear old friend,
Whispering, "Come, Wild One."

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